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CONNECT™ With Your Network

Turn Clients Into Fans with Automated Marketing

The Connect™ package helps you stay top of mind with clients and leads using financial advisor automation and personalized, relevant content. Start with a modern website, add content and share via email or social media, then turn on automated campaigns to easily stay connected. Connect™ will help you fill your financial advisor marketing funnel with targeted leads and prospects and give you the tools to convert them into clients.

Build Strong Connections

Marketing automation for financial advisors is easier — and faster. Connect™ provides essential marketing tools to build relationships plus automation to save you precious time. From personalized messaging to strategic timing, financial advisor automation helps your advisory firm send the most relevant content at just the right time.

Automated Campaigns

Connect™ includes email and social media automation for birthdays, holidays, and educational videos to keep you connected. Plus, one of our most popular campaigns, Monthly Marketing Insights, keeps your clients informed on the latest industry news and changes.

Modern Responsive Website

Build your brand and connect with clients with a professional-looking website that includes built-in editing, blogging, events, and compliance integration tools. We can help you transfer your old site quickly and easily to one of our professionally designed themes, or you can work with our design team to create a uniquely branded website.

Social Media Scheduling

A consistent and engaging social media presence is essential to marketing in the financial services sector. We provide compliance-friendly, pre-written social posts and scheduling tools designed to attract and convert social media traffic into leads. Let us help you get more social media engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to turn your followers into clients.

Digital Marketing Hub

When you’re competing with larger advisory firms, financial advisor automation helps level the playing field and gives you the tools to win. Connect™ turns your website into a digital marketing hub with customizable content, email, and social media tools — all accessible from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Custom Email Marketing

Don’t pay for a separate service to send professionally branded emails to your contacts. Our custom email builder makes communicating fast and easy. All content is professionally written, industry compliant, and proven to produce results. With our customization options, you can brand your emails with stylized layouts, powerful images, and fresh content from our extensive library.

White-Glove Service

If you want to optimize the power of marketing automation for financial services, you want a marketing agency to be there when you need them. All FMG Suite users have unlimited access to our support team by phone, email, and chat, plus access to our weekly educational webinars. We even offer a consultation call every six months to ensure your satisfaction and evaluate your marketing tools’ performance.

Compliant Content for Every Topic and Audience

Compliant Content for Every Topic and Audience

From retirement to investing, your clients need advice on an array of topics. Our comprehensive content library includes FINRA-reviewed, compliance-ready material to help you educate and inform, printed greeting cards to show you care, and even an AI-powered curation engine to help personalize your feed.

Connect™ Is Marketing Automation for Financial Services that Builds Your Brand

Connect™ Is Marketing Automation for Financial Services that Builds Your Brand

Discover what features you can find in Connect™ compared to our other subscriptions. You’ll find a comprehensive overview of what each package entails, the marketing tools included, and transparent pricing to help you make well-informed decisions about financial advisor automation.

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