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Our Team at FMG


Our lovely billing team comprises of Jodi Smith and Edward Gau. They handle:

  • Change in credit cards and processing credit cards
  • Collections/Past Due accounts
  • Fee Waivers/Downgrades (Only the processing part.  To get approval for a fee waiver, please contact a supervisor)
  • Setting up Reoccurring invoices (make sure to have the best email from the client to give to our billing team)
  • Weird billing questions

**The billing number on the website goes to our support queue.  CSRs then ascertain what the issue is and update a credit card through Salesforce (billing change) or contact billing in behalf of accounting.  If needed, they can take phone calls.**

Helpful tips and reminders:

  • Billing is not dependent upon your website being live.  Billing for website builds are as follows:
    • Express sites start immediately. 
    • Concierge sites are billed 30 days after their purchase date. 
    • Exclusive sites are billed 90 days after the purchase date.
  • We bill for the next month except for a few ALP sites that are still being billing in arrears.
  • Local search is included in the Attract package.     


Campaign not going out and the campaign is not paused, changes are not being saved on the dashboard, or other dashboard technical issues then it is most likely a bug. Have no fear. We have a bug guy for our dashboard. His name is Alek Dombrock. Please contact Alek or #bugs with any technical dashboard related issues or questions via slack. If he says to send him a ticket/case, please do the following:

  1. In Subject box, put in primary Account Holder’s Name, CMS, and Brief Description of issue
  2. In Description box, include:
    • The same information as was put in the subject during step 1.
    • A preview link (where the issue is located) or how the issue is triggered
    • Actions you would like for Alek to take
    • Screenshots of the issue(if applicable)
  3. Assign case to Alek by clicking “Change Owner”
  4. Keep status “Open” *as T2 Pending status indicates that the issue has been assessed and it it awaiting a reply from a user outside Salesforce
  5. Change the Case Reason too Tier II with the specific sub reason applicable to the situation.
  6. Make sure the Account Name is accurate for the proper account information to be attached to the case
  7. Chat Alek if you need immediate answers

**Remember Slack first with screenshots and then assign a case to him in Salesforce.**

When the bug has been fixed by our back-end development team, Alek will assign the case back to you to communicate to the client that the bug is resolved.  Alek might give you a workaround in the meantime.  Here are some common workarounds:

  • You removed a team member by deleting them in the Team member section of the website.  They are removed on the preview site but not the live site.  Solution: Turn the site off and on again in the Website Settings.
  • You edit something in the team member section but cannot save it when hitting save draft or publish.  Solution: Check the custom biography section and then uncheck it.  Now, you can save the changes.
  • CNAME is not populating when you click on the domain information.  Solution: Before you impersonate the client, add the domain in the blank domain field.  Click update.  Impersonate them.  Stop impersonating them.  Click the domain icon again and it will have the CNAME populated.
  • If you are adding an attachment and get an error to enter in the title again, the issue is that you have a special character like a ‘ or “ that is throwing an error. Solution: Please remove the special character and try again. It should work.  Likewise for the contact information in the profile section of the dashboard.
  • If the client wants an archive of their site but without the synced pages, then do the following:
    • Remove all agencies.
    • Request an archive and wait for it to generate.
    • Go back and add back all agencies.

Marketing Checkup Team

Some people cancel because they feel like they are paying a lot of money but not getting a lot of return.  Websites do require work on their end.  But we do have 6 month marketing checkups.  We can escalate situations if needed by contacting our #checkup-channel.  You can also fill out the 6 Month Checkup Sheet and message the appropriate agent who is next on the list (Mitchel Esser or Keegan).  


We have National Account Managers for Broker Dealers.  These people work on maintaining and working on new relationships with Broker Dealers and other accounts. We always want to maintain a good relationship with them as they refer their clients to us. If there is an issue that might be escalated to a Broker Dealer, please inform either Greg Woodbury or Craig Bina.

Concerning the dashboard, it is best to check to see if they are self-managed or direct compliance.  They have different nuances to take in account.  The account holder may not know their compliance structure so it is best to inform them on how to get content approved.  

Common issues that might pop up:

  • Compliance cannot see the changes or their approve button is missing.  Chances are the coding is messed up in that section.  The client most likely did not scrub the code and it has coding behind the wording that is causing the compliance side to break.  It is best to clean up the code and remove excess coding.  Still having issues?  Ask Alek.
  • LPL Tracking Numbers:  We do keep track of LPL tracking numbers only for our content.  They can be found be impersonating LPL.  Go to User Management in the CMS.  Search in users.  Impersonate them.  Then go to libraries.  There you can find all the tracking information for our content that we provide.  The tracking numbers are found in the “Notes” of the particular item.   
  • We can impersonate the compliance officer.  Compliance officers are marked by having a negative CMS.  You can only find them through searching in User Management.  Sometimes we need to get an archive and they are direct compliance.  We would just have to impersonate a compliance officer to get the archive.

Customer Sucess Coordinators (CSC)

CSCs work with the client on Concierge and Exclusive setups. They work with these clients until their site is live. Mike Woods is currently over them.  Please check the projects for clients that call in to see if their site is live or not.  If their site is not live and they are working with a CSC, it is best to get the client over to that CSC that they have been working with.

Customer Service

We interact with our clients via phone and email to provide support for our products and account information. We are the liaison between our clients and the rest of our departments.


  • Case Closure
    • Close a minimum of 13 cases on average per day.
    • Goal is to close 18+ cases on average per day.
  • Maintain at 92% CSAT from the surveys.

Escalation and questions process:

  • Tier II: Bryson
  • Team Lead: Freddy Pino
  • Managers: Bryce and Terence
  • Director: Josh

Products Team (Feedback/Improvements)

Our products team is always looking and working to improve items on the dashboard that would improve our jobs as well as the clients.  To submit a request, it is best to slack #feedback. Clients can click on "Have an Idea?" in the FMG dashboard.

Front-end Development

Our Dev team creates new website templates as well as do WCOs. To do a WCO, please post in #co-quote.


Fulfillment Team members are responsible for the setup and transfer of customer tools using a white glove treatment. The majority of our focus is accurate, timely, creative, and professional setups of the website product.

What do they do:

  • Express Website Builds
  • Setup for Exclusive and Concierge websites
  • FCO quotes and FCOs
  • Enterprise coding (contact Jamie for questions)
  • Broker Dealer Changes (contact Lynda Ruiz for questions)
  • LocalSearch Implementation
  • ASQ Migrations (contact Tammy for questions)

***Fulfillment is remote and they do not have phones.  They only communicate with clients via email.  CSRs might be given a case to reach out to a client for more information.***

For FCO quotes, please slack the #co-quote. For other fulfillment escalations please contact Monica.


Sales makes the money. They only deal with items that would result in more revenue to the company.  The person to contact would be Richard DeTeresa.  Please slack him with any sales opportunities (i.e. concierge or exclusive redesign).  He will then assign the task out to a sales rep or assign it to that account's sales rep.  Their number is 858-251-2420 Press 2.  

If you are talking to a client and they want an upgrade (custom video, additional copy-writing, local search, design, etc.) let them know that you will have their sales agent contact them to process the order. Than fill out the form below.

Solutions Team

Solutions is a subsection of customer service. They deal with pricing changes, downgrades, and cancellations. For any cancellations, please send the case to our solutions team by filling our the rotation and following this SOP.

Tech Support (Something Not Working for You)

How to make a request:

  • Request through cell phone((707) 549-6032): You can ask a question and receive a response through text as well as asking Spoke to create a ticket for the question if it didn’t find an answer and will send you a link to track your ticket progress. You will not get ticket updates through text if the IT person responds to the ticket. (You can only use the texting feature if you have your cell phone number attached to your Spoke account!)
  • Request through email( You can ask a question through email and if it finds a relevant knowledge base article, it will put it in the body of an email reply where you can acknowledge that it solved your problem and it will close the ticket or you can wait for an IT person to reach out to you and respond. 
  • Request through Slack(@Spoke): You can tag Spoke in slack(@Spoke) or direct message the Spoke bot. It will attempt to return a relevant knowledge base article and ask if it solved your issue. If you say “yes” then it will finish the conversation. If you reply with “no” then it will create a help desk ticket for an IT person to help.
  • Request through ( You can navigate to our Spoke website and login with your Slack credentials. At the top of the page you can type your question into the search bar to try and get a relevant knowledge base article. If you can’t find an answer to your question you can submit the question as a ticket and an IT person will get back to you asap. You can monitor your tickets through your inbox on the left sidebar of the website.

If you run into any issues or have questions about how to use Spoke please feel free to reach out to Gavin or Sean directly and we'll be happy to help out!

Shoretel Phone Troubleshooting

Shoretel Password Reset

Upgrade Team

We always want to give our clients the best product possible and be unified in our support. Whenever we acquire new companies, we want to get them on our dashboard. Our upgrade team works with these clients to migrate them to our platform. Ben Pluim is the team lead. If you do have a legacy platform and it is live, please get them over to our upgrade team at 858-251-4355.