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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • Agency Dashboard

    • When we have an agency for a BD, the BD can add, change, delete pages for all of the people assigned to that agency. They also can create custom content that only those people in the agency can use (i.e. things like custom emails and such). But mostly it's just synced pages.

  • App

    • We stopped supporting the App around August of last year. We emailed our customers about that and the reason for it being that Apple started to reject apps that are based on a template. The vast majority of downloads was from Apple over Android. Creating an app started $45 a month by itself, then it was merged into a Product Suite at $155 (was not available by itself). It also had a $900 set up. We did our price increase around the same time which is why some people feel they are still being charged for it.

  • Blog Posts (Not being formatted on preview)

    • Client calls in and asks why his blog post only has the wording and missing the navbar and footer from his website. The reason this happens is because the blog post is in the future. Our dashboard does not configure the blog posts until the day of the posting date.

  • Brightcove Embed Code Player


      The best way to embed a Brightcove Video is with an iframe code. The advisor should be able to get the embed code from Brightcove through the settings of their account. But if they just provide the link. We can pull it apart and recreate the iframe code.  The benefit of this iframe code is that it should automatically be responsive.

      <iframe src="//" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen></iframe>

      Example:<iframe src="//" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen></iframe>

  • Calendly Widget

    • We can add Calendly to their site if they provide the code.  If you add it to the advanced head and there is an error, then you will have to do the following:

      1. The script parts should perform just fine.  Add the script codes to the advanced footer.
      2. The css link code should be the issue.  Go to the url in the link code. Copy over the css except for the top two (html and body) elements into the advanced head.  
      3. Everything should save without an error.

      Example site:

  • Campaigns

  • Cannot Locate CMS for Advisor

    • It is best to go to their live site and do the following:

      1. Press Ctrl + U
      2. Press Ctrl + F
      3. In the field that populates, type in party. There should only be a few results.
      4. Find the result similar to: "PartyPublicIdentifier": "361181"
      5. Get that number since it is the CMS ID for that website.
      6. Impersonate that CMS and do what you need to. Notate salesforce so it is easier for the next person.

      The above only works if they are on our FMG platform. If they are a legacy site, not live with us yet, or they are not in salesforce, then it is best to search for them in the CMS. We do this be doing the following:

      1. Login to
      2. Click on "User Management"
      3. Use the search fields to find them. If they are the Admin or a child user on the account, you will be able to find them.
      4. If you cannot find that user, in salesforce or the CMS. They are most likely not an authorized user and we would need permission from the Admin or one of the "Related Contacts" in Salesforce to get them access.
  • CSV Files

  • Display Name Appears Here

  • Domain Error saying, "Location is already in use"

    • If you run into this error, please do the following:

      1. Please check projects for any builds or BD changes before fixing this.
      2. Go to the previous CMS and then delete the domain from there.
      3. Then go to the new CMS and place the domain in there.
  • Email Design Custom Logo Size

    • If you are putting a custom logo in the Email design section, the max width is 550px.

  • Email Notifications

    • Email notifications from the dashboard will be sent to the primary and secondary email in the profile section as long as "Receive Notifications" are checked.  They can add on more subscribers in the settings section.  If they are not getting the emails then please have them whitelist these emails: Form submissions come from: or Daily Digest/other notifcations come from: or or We currently do not have spam filters to prevent duplicate entries or advertisements.  If people fill in a name and an item with, then it will go through.

  • Embed Responsive Videos

    • If you want to embed a video please make it responsive. To do that please use this code: 

      <!-- 16:9 aspect ratio for widescreen-->
      <div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9">
      <iframe class="embed-responsive-item" src="..."></iframe>

      <!-- 4:3 aspect ratio -->
      <div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-4by3">
      <iframe class="embed-responsive-item" src="..."></iframe>

  • Facebook Comment Widget

    • We should not be adding the widget for facebook comments if they're tied to a compliance department. It's ok for retail but not for reps associated with a bd. It goes against their internal social media policy.

  • Font Awesome - Free Icons

    • If a client would like an icon from FontAwesome and they are angry . Please add the following code in the advanced footer and then you can add the icon to the page they requested with the i code (i.e. <i class="fas fa-chart-bar"></i>):

      <script defer="defer" src="" integrity="sha384-3LK/3kTpDE/Pkp8gTNp2gR/2gOiwQ6QaO7Td0zV76UFJVhqLl4Vl3KL1We6q6wR9" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

  • External DNS Nameservers (Records)

    • Trying to do a DNS redirect or update but the nameservers are external? There are two solutions to this problem.

      1. We would need the login information for where the external nameservers are. Then, we can update the domain in those external nameservers.
      2. We can change the nameservers to be the default nameservers of that registrar. The records at the external nameservers will most likely be lost. So, it is best to get the records from the external nameservers and then add them to the domain registrar account so nothing should be lost. This is more intensive but better in the long run.
  • GDPR

  • Google Analytics Login Help

      If they cannot get logged in then we need to add a meta tag to their advanced header.After the meta tag is published, they need to go to fill out a trouble ticket with google which is found on the support page of google analytics. Then it is between them and google.

  • Google Site Verification

  • Guardian CRNs

    • Every 2 years Guardian's CRN or tracking number expires and has to be updated. This is done entirely by Guardian. They send an email to the advisor at 60 and 30 days before the website expires with instructions. All that we do is help them update the CRN on their website. This is not an automatic process.

  • Guardian Term Life Quote Generator

  • Guided Wealth Portfolios (GWP)

    • Confluence page

      GWP is for LPL advisors. We do have the buttons and the preapproved content in this confluence link. It is a content page and a button. Really they can do whatever they wanted design-wise. So, please ask the advisor what they want and where and customize it to how they want it.  Then, it would be an FCO.

  • Legacy Sites

    • AdvisorSquare login:

      AdvisorLaunchpad Liferaft login:

      We are no longer doing any edits on any of our legacy sites, which includes Advisor Square, Financial Visions, and Advisor Launchpad 1.0. Please warm transfer them over to the upgrade team at 858-251-4355 so they can talk to them about the upgrade. The only exception would be compliance edits.

      For ALP 1.0 sites they can choose a free Exclusive theme. Refer them to After they have made a theme selection, they can email with their selection.

      AdvisorLaunchpad liferaft domain records should be the same as FMG's platform except the CNAME is:

      Examples of Legacy sites, if they end in the following in the URL:
      /homepage - Liferaft Site
      /new - AdvisorSquare Site
      .ASPX - Financial Visions

  • Legal Issues

    • If a client wants to pursue legal action or is being sued for copyright infringement, please email both Craig Bina and Greg Woodbury.

  • Market Summary Widget

    • In the sidebar widgets on some of our themes, there is a Market Summary Widget. If people do switch themes, this widget will be lost to them. But, there is a free Market Summary Widget that is customizable if you go to

  • Mobile Responsive/ Responsive Design Button

    • In theory the button is meant to add mobile responsive code to images and videos on the site. It can sometimes achieve this but only on an express site that does not have custom coding...which means most of our sites don't work. If it is an exclusive or Concierge more than likely it will just break their mobile menu. To fix the menu please turn it off.

  • Page Gating

    • In the emailed version of the lead it will actually display which page they accessed. We also now have a ticket in for that to be added and displayed in the dashboard as well.

  • Password Reset

    • To send a password reset to subusers(meaning not the admin), log into their dashboard and go to users at the top right dropdown (where their image/name is). This will display all the users, including the admin. To send a password reset to someone, click “Reinvite” next to their name.

      If you do not see their name, you can add them by clicking add user. Adding a user will send them an email to create their password. To reset the admin’s password, you have to go to the screen right before you impersonate the account.

      Then, click on User. You then can send an invite or generate an access code for the admin only. If you generate an access code, they must go to to use the access code

      **Please be sure to make sure that the email is the correct email to send the invite to. The admin’s email is listed underneath their name on the screen right before you impersonate the account. If you need to change this email, then you need to go to the user section in the dashboard and alter it there. Then, you need to send the password reset.

  • Phone/Queues

    • Phone numbers for our Queues:

      Customer Service: 858-251-2420
      Migration: 858-251-4355
      Retention: 858-251-4376
      Sales: 858-251-2400 or 858-251-2420 Press 2 
      Alp: 801-216-3710
      Enterprise: 858-312-5578


      FMG Customer Service: New Unassigned Cases (Emails to go here.)
      ALP Customer Service: ALP Unassigned Cases (Emails to go here.)
      Enterprise Customer Service:Enterprise Unassigned Cases (Emails to,, go here.)
      Fulfillment Setup: Unassigned Setup Fulfillment Queue (If a client sends in information for a website setup and the Setup project is not completed, please put the setup case in here.)
      B/D Changes:Unassigned B/D Cases (After following the B/D SOP, please place your B/D change case here.)

  • Pixel Code

  • Redtail Integration

    • Once Redtail is synced, you can only add, remove, and update contacts at Redtail.

      Syncing is based in a queue system. If a sync is taking longer, there could be people before you in the queue. Also, it must scan all your contacts with every sync even if they only have one small group that they want to sync over. If they have it setup to sync daily it can take 24 hours until they see changes. The initial sync can take up to 24 hours.

      People of the same household will be synced over even if they are not in the group that syncs over. It will not show that they are assigned to a group on the FMG dashboard but it will show them as a contact.

      For more information click here.

  • Rotator Default Dimensions

    • The rotator images are cropped to 630 x 300. High quality is best.

  • SEO Tips

    • Check out SEO tips here.

  • Sitemap

    • The client's sitemap is automatically generated. They can change it out in the SEO section of their dashboard. But, if they want to see the current sitemap, go to their website and type "/sitemap.xml" in the address bar (i.e.

  • Sumo Integration

    • Sumo has some coding that they can place on the site for the "integration." Simply add the script code that they provide to you into the Advanced Footer under the Design section of the dashboard.

      Example code: <script>(function(s,u,m,o,j,v){j=u.createElement(m);v=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0];j.async=1;j.src=o;j.dataset.sumoSiteId='35e0509c6763f6c767b62d2ee238c5c3d56994c3a671581f44507ee502168b39';v.parentNode.insertBefore(j,v)})(window,document,'script','//');</script>

  • Terms of Service/Contract

    • Some clients want to know what their contract is. We do not have a contract. We are a month to month billing cycle that has Terms of Service that they agree to when they first logged into the dashboard. The Terms of Service can be found here.

  • Upgrade Request

    • If you are talking to a client and they want an upgrade (custom video, additional copy-writing, local search, design, etc.) let them know that you will have their sales agent contact them to process the order. Than fill out the form below.

  • Video hosting

    • We do not host videos on our site. It is best to get embed code to place on the website. If they have a link, we can get the embed code from the source. It has to be a shareable link.

  • Walkthroughs

    • They can schedule a walk thru with Thomas (TJ) with the following link:

      Please inform client that Tuesday and Thursday at FMG and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are ALP walkthroughs.  For conflicting schedules, Thomas (TJ) can do private walkthroughs. Please contact him about this so TJ can set up a time with the client.

      Anyone can hop on the walkthrough without signing up.
      Phone: 619-343-3771

    • ALP Demo: (CMS 352092) M-W-F at 12:30 CDT.

    • FMG Demo: (CMS 331672) T-Th at 3pm CDT.

  • Y-Split, Y-Jack, or How to sync your headset with someone else?

    • To listen into someone's calls for training purposes, grab your headset or a free headset and do the following:

      1. The person, who you want to listen to, has to take their headset off the charger.
      2. They will press their middle button to start a dial tone. This is a good thing.
      3. Place the headset on the charger.
      4. The main headset that has the dial tone will beep a few times.  This means that the two headsets are synced.
      5. Press the middle button on the main headset.
      6. Take the other headset off the charger.  And press the mute button (This way the person listening in cannot be heard over the phone during a call).
      7. You're done!  Listen to as many phones calls as you would like.  If you place any headset back on the charger, you will have to restart the process.