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FIG Marketing

For any edit, please save as a draft and send the FIG representative a preview link. Do not in any way communicate with the advisor. Do not publish the edits.

Who is FIG?

FIG Marketing are a group of marketing consultants who have a "book" (or set) of businesses that they help with their marketing. We help them build new sites, edit their existing site, get quotes for custom work, etc.

The normal support queue and line has not worked for them in the past so they have a direct contact that they talk with to communicate their requests. They have a biweekly phone call with their FMG point of contact to go over any outstanding requests as well as to inform FIG of any new features that are available to them. The current point of contact is Terence.

The most common people reaching out from FIG are Monica Breeding and Kaylea Bequeath.  There are other marketing consultants that might reach out but these two are the most common/prominent.

They are marked as a Reseller in the CMS.  Adding FIG as the Reseller would grant access for FIG to go into their dashboard.  It also unlocks their features such as Syndicated Blogs.  If FIG wants the advisor added to the dashboard, this means that they want FIG to be marked as the Reseller.

Other notes:

  • They usually pay invoices by check.
  • They go through the normal go live process.  We just take extra special care of them once they are live.
  • They have their own preferred pricing:
    • Website Setup Prices:
      • Exclusive set up is $1950 instead of $1999.
    • Package Pricing (basically the BD Pricing)
      • Standout $149
      • Connect $209
      • Attract $289