Broker Check


Account/ SF Account

Contains essential information regarding the client's relationship with FMG. Including Opportunities, Projects, Cases, Attachments, Contacts, CMS ID(s) and Domain.

Advanced Header

Under "Developer Tools" on the Design tab of the dashboard. Location where additional code goes for the website. Ex. Facebook Pixel, script, etc.

Advisor Square (ASQ)

Legacy Site from Advisor Launchpad. Can be identified by going to the live site and if there is a /new/ in the url:  The Upgrade Team is working to get these clients upgraded.


Advisor Launchpad. This dashboard includes the products included in Atlas, Delta and Titan packages.

ALP 1.0 (Liferaft)

A site that is still on an old Advisor Launchpad dashboard but on our servers. We still do edits on these sites.  These sites can be identified by going to the live site.  If the homepage url displays: then it is a liferaft account.

ALP 2.0

A site that was migrated from Advisor Launchpad to the ALP CMS and still has all the old coding and design. (This does not include new ALP sales)


Agency Revolution. Our Insurance dashboard. It only includes the AR Attract


Broker Dealer. These people are the ones that approve compliance cases and house the accounts for our clients.

B/D Change

When an advisor wants to change from one broker dealer to another. This is a very critical stage. Please follow the B/D Change SOP.


A button is a link with a border around it.

Child Navigation

The links that dropdown on the navigation.


Change Order. Examples of change orders would be a FCO, WCO, and CMCO. Each CO goes to a different department.


Company that we use to implement the SSL certificate.

COB Section

Call Out Box

Compliance Platform

Direct Compliance vs. Self Managed Compliance. Direct Compliance means that once an asset is Published the compliance department can see it and approve or deny the asset. Self-Managed Compliance means that clients have to manually download a PDF of their site and send it to their compliance department.

Contact Information

The profile of the site.


Content Management System. Most commonly known as: our platform; the dashboard.


Number that represents client's record in CMS. Please note that clients can and may have more than 1 ID.

CMS Party Link

Link associated with the primary ID in the SF Account. Please note that this may not be the current ID.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys. At the close of each case, a survey is sent to the client to see how well we did. In customer service, every rep is graded on how many good and bad surveys they receive.

Custom Page

An internal page on a website. Also called Pages.


Disclaimer for the website provided by the client or the Broker/Dealer. It is located on the bottom of the site on every page. We also have our own disclaimer on the website in the footer which is related to the content library on their site, which is not editable.

Domain Name

Name of the website.  What their website is called. Example:

Domain Nameservers

This is where the records of the domain are housed. If the nameservers are not the default ones for the domain registrar then we need to login to where the nameservers are located to update anything with the domain to prevent record loss.

Domain Registrar

Company that hosts the domain. Example: GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.


We want to "Plant our flag in Enterprise." This means that we are going after large companies with many advisors to be their sole website hosting company. We then build and service the websites for all of the advisors in that company. If you do get an Enterprise client like Hilliard Lyons or Waddell and Reed, please talk to the Enterprise Team.


Fulfillment Change Order: A SF project including changes requested to websites that are pending Go Live or are already Live that are made by a Fulfillment Team Member


This dashboard includes the products included in Standout, Connect and Attract packages.


The process of completing an order once Sales closes their Opportunity. This could be and Express, Concierge, or Exlcusive.

Fulfillment Team

The team responsible for completing orders provided by sales. Known as Projects.


Title at the head of page or within the page that is larger than paragraph text. In Developer's Theme this is a separate section. Do not confuse it with the Design>Advanced Header.


We add content through the system Import tool from already existing FMG sites.

Landing Page

When a client says Landing Page generally they mean a page on their website that may or may not be linked in the Navigation. When we say Landing Page that refers to a home page that either is an Under Construction page or just a home page that links to a more content-rich website. See Under Construction Page.


Generally under the Contact navigation link. This is populated by the Locations entered in the Profile. It is not affected by the Profile Contact information.


The top section of the website that includes the logo and navigation.


When a client wants to/has to change Broker/Dealers we will migrate their site to a the new compliance platform. Ex. Client is currently with LPL but moving to Securities America. This can also refer to a migration of platforms from an acquired company such as ALP or Advisor Square(see Upgrade Team)


The tabbed menu, either below or to the right of the masthead. Includes Parent tabs and child tabs.

Opportunity; SF Opportunity

Contains essential information regarding sales either in progress or completed.


The Broker/Dealer compliance platform they are assigned to.

Parent Navigation

The main links on the navigation above any drop down links.

Project; SF Project

Any type of project that is in SF. Could include Tools, FCO, WCO, Concierge Tools, etc.


Strip at the top of the homepage main body (but sometimes further down on the page) that contains images (and usually verbiage with links) that cycle automatically.


Rich Text Editor

Side by Side Section

Image on one side, text on the other.


Column to the right or left of the main body that contains widgets. Not found on Moonlight/Zenith sites unless exclusive.


Service Level Agreement. This is the service level that we promise our clients that we will meet.

Solutions/Retention Team

Team that strives to retain clients. They process all cancellations and try to save clients from cancelling.


Standard Operating Procedure.

SSL Certificate

In short, the certificate that makes the website secure and adds the "s" in https.

Synced Page

Appears in the Pages section of the dashboard. These are pages provided by the B/D and cannot be edited by the advisor. The synced pages populate by what Agency is chosen which is found on the screen before you click impersonate.

System Page

A page that is generated by our dashboard. About, Contact, and the content library articles are examples of system pages. These pages are slightly editable.

Top Bar

The banner on the top of the site that spans the width of the page above the Masthead. It usually includes the client's phone number or social links. This is only found on the Moonlight and Developers Theme.

Transfer (phones)

Transferring a phone call to another person. Always warm transfer (meaning call up the person you want to transfer the advisor over to and make them aware of the situation before transferring the advisor over to them). Never cold transfer (simply transferring a call to someone else without calling them ahead of time).

Under Construction Page

A page that clients want to have live while their site is being built. It is built on a NEW ID and is very limited. Clients will sometimes call this a 'landing page' so clarification might be necessary.

Upgrade Team

Team that handles the migration/upgrade of a legacy site to the FMG dashboard.


Website Change Order: A SF project including changes requested to websites that are pending Go Live or are already live that are made by a Developer.

White Glove Transfer (WGT)

The process of transferring non-proprietary content from a client's live site to our CMS.