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Helpful Links For Everyday Issues

Code and Word Cleaner

Code and Word Cleaner

Whenever copying text or coding from another source, it is best to put it through a cleaner to clear up the junk or excess coding behind it.


Resize Image

If you need to crop an image or resize an image because it is too large, you might want to check out this site.  Upload the image and resize as you wish.

Transparent Background

If you need to edit an image to have a transparent background, go to this site.  Upload the image and click on the background.  Then, save the edited image.  Works great on logos.

Transparent Background

Other Helpful Links

Domain Verification

When you need to see who owns the domain.  If it is us, then we have our address in the registrant information.  Also, this website will show you what domain registrar company has the domain and the records for the domain name.

Wayback Machine

This site will show you a previous live version of their site.  Used to see if what was live on a particular date if it is available.

Google Recrawl

This is used to refresh the google search page and get the information updated with the title tags and description tags on that page.   This is best used by the advisor.