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Hilliard Lyons

Who is Hilliard Lyons?

J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, LLC is a full-service wealth management firm with offices in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia

What is unique about Hilliard Lyons?

  • Advisors are ALL employees
  • They all have a base package of website plus some social sharing tools
  • They had a choice of 3 themes with adapted copy for either individuals or teams
  • They have an FMG Suite built Locator All sites are set up as either custom URL’s or subdomains
  • They call themselves ‘Wealth Advisors’ - this is a change from ‘Financial Consultant’
  • They can upgrade to:
    • Standout - $ 20
    • Connect - $ 50
    • Attract - $ 80

Service “Gotchas’

No sales member. Questions go to Lucy for any clarification

If someone loses their username and password, don't send information to log into their account, or send a reset, or add user. that goes to Hilliards home office. The odd of this are low as they are already use to using a single sign on system. If Single Sign On appears not to be working - they should verify with home office - then we could escalate internally to Jeremy.

No ability to add or remove team members - The only fields that can be altered are the photo and the bio area. If they

Script - ‘ I’m afraid that that area is fed by a weekly data feed that comes directly from your Hilliard home office. If you call Hilliard they can make sure that your <name> is properly updated and will automatically update via the feed to your website.

More information on changing profile:

The profile information is set to sync with your Who's Who profile and if you're a part of a marketing team, your Marketing Team agreement information. If your individual or team information is incorrect, an email with the request to change your information should be sent to Marketing Services ( and Human Resources(


There are only about 8-12 actively blogging FMG Suite Advisors. So while it’s available - they will need to add it to the menu and the first blog will ping compliance.

Locations -

No ability to alter - this also means that there is no ability to alter the hours. Hilliard did not want to have office hours displayed on the site. So if an Advisor asks - they will likely have to put this in a text field and will NOT be able to use the standard hours fields.

Profile Settings -

Social -

They would like to increase the usage of social media - but there are actually very few using it at this time. They don’t use Twitter. Any URL’s that are added will go to compliance.

Rotator -

The image rotator is only for the Strategy Theme. If a Hilliard Advisor wants to use the rotator - they should request either move to the Strategy Theme or they can request for Fulfillment (Monica) to add it in by adjusting the css script.

To add the rotators back and move them so they are under the swoosh and intro paragraph...

Add this to the Advanced Head


@media (min-width: 992px) {

#hero .heroImages,

#hero .heroDesc {

margin-top: 25px;




Add this to the Advanced Footer

<script type="text/javascript">



Google Analytics:

Google Analytics:

Hilliard Lyons Advisors will not be able to access Google Analytics directly due to the Hilliard firewall. As far as Google analytics, tracking will be set up with your website at launch after it moves LIVE – we are currently working out the details. You’ll be able to see performance within your dashboard, but will not be able to access GA directly.

Predicting top 5 Support Questions

  • How do I change a photo on my homepage?

The Cobblestone image is the default image.

  • How do I change the photo on my Bio page?
  • How do I edit my bio?
  • How do I add team members to my Bio/About Us page?

You can’t - the feed does

  • How do I add a new page?
  • What content should I be promoting on my webpage?

Hilliard Contact Information

Log In / Access Issues:

Data Corrections or Team Member Adjustments (escalation requests):

General Brand Questions:

What does the Hilliard Single Sign-On Look Like?

If we see an SAML Failed warning - that is something on FMG side. In that instance - please make a standard it-help@ ticket - with the Hilliard - name in the subject line - critical to have email of the log in that failed in that ticket.

If they don’t get that read error - it’s a Hilliard issue and should go back to home office

Jeremy will work on a Standard SOP for these Hilliard

Hilliard Advisors go to their ‘Intranet’ - then in the upper right hand side clicking ‘ToolBox’ - then FMG Suite Advisor:

What happens if FMG accidentally tries to send a ‘reset password’?

So long as USER ID isn’t changed - that should work. If the users ID is changed down the road by the feed - then it will create issue.

When will feed driven changes to the site ‘go live?’

General edits will go live on the site once their compliance has approved them.

Contact Info, Team Member Changes... Those that are feed driven. The feed is sent every Thursday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern. Changes will be reviewed on Friday and pushed through by Monday.

Are Broker Dealer Changes Different?

The feed will tell us to shut down and change. Proceed as normal until told otherwise.

Get sales involved if the broker is leaving Hilliard as it may be a sales opportunity.

Retention Team is not really a part of this - Hilliard Advisors are employees and therefore if we lose a site - it’s because they are presumably leaving Hilliard.

DNS - URL Change and how that is picked up in the feed.

Email alias go back to Hilliard.

One team email - per account -how do we handle adding more.

Hilliard Change Orders -

Any custom site requests that would otherwise be a charge need to be approved. So please capture the Advisor’s name, what they want, and then let Lucy know so that she can facilitate the requests.

Snippet for extra long team names - (follow up with Raudel on style sheets)

Common SOP for enterprise clients - common requests.

Travis is your Tier 2 - please follow same process as you would for Alek in terms of escalations.


Good Morning!

I wanted to Thank you very much for attending training for Advisor Websites – Powered by FMG Suite on Tuesday. As promised during live training, here's an email summary, full of helpful resources and contact information. Here is a link to the getting started video which will walk you through how to edit your new Advisor Website using FMG Suite’s integrated dashboard.

When Does My Website Launch?

Your website will be LIVE Tuesday morning on 3/13.

  • Your old (Forefield) website will be forwarded automatically to your new (FMG Suite) website on 3/13.
  • You’ll also notice your NEW website address will use “” instead of “” at launch. This is to help your website increase visibility, and remove “FC” from your address now that your title has changed to Wealth Advisor.

What Comes Included With My New Advisor Website – Powered by FMG Suite?

  • Your new website was created according to the theme you chose during the Advisor Website Survey sent in January. You chose from a Relationship, Community or Strategy-focused website, which we used to build your homepage with information relevant to your value proposition.
  • Your website has been pre-populated with pages provided by the home office that help showcase the firm’s comprehensive wealth management capabilities - including pages for Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Trust Services and Estate Planning, and Business Owner services.
  • You’ll also notice your website contains a “Resource Center” which houses FMG Suite’s award-winning articles, videos, on a variety of financial topics including retirement, investment and tax. It even includes a library of calculators and presentations for you to include.
  • Your new Advisor Website automatically pulls in your contact information, title, and team from the same database that powers Who’s Who.
  • We’ve taken the information you provided us in your website survey to customize a bio for you and each advisor on your team.
  • Your website comes complete with an easy-to-use dashboard, powered by FMG Suite, which is where you’ll edit and further customize your website.
  • Your new website also includes a form on your website to collect leads and inquiries– which are stored within your FMG Suite dashboard under “Inbox.”

What Do I Need To Do Before Launch?

Here are the five things to do before you site launches on Tuesday, March 13:

  1. Login to your FMG Suite dashboard
  2. Preview your new website
  3. Check your contact information
  4. Review your bio (under “Team Members”)
  5. Review your team members and make sure everyone on your team has access to your site

How Do I Log In To the FMG Suite Dashboard?

  1. Go to the Intranet Homepage > Toolbox > Online Applications
  2. Click on “FMG Suite Advisor”
  3. Type in your Hilliard Lyons email address (includes
  4. and click “Next.”
  5. Use your current Hilliard Lyons / computer password
  6. Check the “Remember Me” box
  7. And hit “Sign In”

Important Information for CSAs

  • Client Service Associates on Teams

If you show externally on your team’s website you will need to “Impersonate” yourself to access your team’s website.

  • Client Service Associates not on teams

You will be able to “impersonate” your advisors in order to edit their websites or team websites.

  • If you had access to the other adivsors in your branch on Forefield, that access has carried over to FMG Suite.

Who to Contact

Website Customization or Dashboard Questions: | 858.312.5549

Other contact resources:

  • Log In / access issues:
  • Data Corrections or Team Member Adjustments:
  • General Brand Questions:


In our training on Tuesday, we reviewed:


Access Denied:

This is an issue with their login for Microsoft Azure (not on the FMG Suite side), for some reason if a user gets this, one of two things seem to be happening. Either they aren’t in the right groups on our end (so far everyone has been added correctly), or IE isn’t caching and doing single sign on. The Microsoft Azure console doesn’t show any login attempts, successful or failed. I did some troubleshooting this morning with Lora Norris and Ben Kessinger, and now have them logged in. Here are the steps to try and resolve.

  1. Check their groups on their AD account and make sure they have the following groups, if so, they have been granted the correct access.
  • Azure FMG Suite SSO
  • Azure Premium P1 License Allow
  • Azure Synced Items
  1. On their computer in IE, go to It should prompt you for their email address, and then you can click login. The page might look broken, but that’s ok, you are trying to see if it connects. Once it connects, they are finally recognized as a user.
  2. Now go to , this should immediately login without prompting for a username/password, and you will see the FMG Suite application.
  3. Close the IE browser, open it again, and try to go through Online Applications from the Hilliard Intranet Homepage, and you should get through without an issue (it will most likely prompt you to click their username for logging in).

I have only seen this twice, but Shannon reported a few others that it didn’t work, but started working. This hopefully will force it to login and get them in immediately.

Michael Railing

Systems Administrator