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Current FMG/ALP clients have to standby and wait for the conversion to happen before they can have MyCMO or MySite.

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Important Notes

  • With B/D changes, please get the ALP/FMG package they would like as they will be losing the MyCMO/MySite special pricing.  Then, process the B/D change as normal but notate what package they chose.  If they are not sure, please see Terence/Bryce to ultimately contact Richard DeTeresa so a sales rep can reach out to the client.
  • This is a re-branding of our product FMG messenger.
  • If they would like to upgrade, then they can talk with sales.
  • For the first 3 months, MyCMO Pro is free.  Free Trial starts September 1st.  
  • They are being charged individually no commission deduct.  We are charging the advisors' credit cards.
  • All existing Advisor Group advisors will be migrated to MyCMO and get the same pricing.  Price audit might be holding up a few people.
  • They have a marketing team that will be working with us to support MyCMO.  
  • Quick Tips is their training.
  • If needed, please warm transfer to the Advisor Marketing Team at 855-261-3176. Do not share this number with advisors.