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Before Getting on the Phones

  1. Have Salesforce pulled up.  Finishing notating what you previously were working on.
  2. Log into the CMS.  If already in there, stop impersonating anyone.
  3. Close excess windows to free yourself from distractions.
  4. Login to the queues.

Getting on the Phones

Alright, you are getting on the phones...but what do I say?

Have no fear. Here are some helpful tips to help you on your adventures on the phone.  A good reference that we have is how Platinum answers their phone. Check out the Platinum Greeting Example to get a feel of how we want to answer the phone.

Helpful Tips:

  • Since our general phone queues receive calls from Advisor Launchpad and FMGsuite, It is recommended that you say "Thank you for calling Customer Service. My name is ___.  How can I make your day better?"  This way clients will not be confused about what company they called.
  • Have a conversation with the client.  Make their time on the phone with you pleasant for them and in turn it will be pleasant for you.
  • Think of the best customer service experience that you have had and try to replicate that.
  • Check your attitude.  Have fun with your work.  Your enthusiasm can be heard in your voice.  

De-Escalating Tips

After Phone Call

  1. Notate your case that you created. Put in what the issue is and your action items to complete during case time.
    1. If an escalated issue, please inform a Tier II CSR to get either approval to work on the issue or for them to look into it further.
  2. Take another phone call.

Y-Jack (Listening to someone elses phone calls)

To listen into someone's calls for training purposes, grab your headset or a free headset and do the following:

  1. The person, who you want to listen to, has to take their headset off the charger.
  2. They will press their middle button to start a dial tone. This is a good thing.
  3. Place the headset on the charger.
  4. The main headset that has the dial tone will beep a few times.  This means that the two headsets are synced.
  5. Press the middle button on the main headset.
  6. Take the other headset off the charger.  And press the mute button (This way the person listening in cannot be heard over the phone during a call).
  7. You're done!  Listen to as many phones calls as you would like.  If you place any headset back on the charger, you will have to restart the process.

Phone Issues

Shoretel Phone Troubleshooting

Shoretel Password Reset

To set someone up with a phone or if you have further issues, start an IT ticket via Spoke.