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Customer Service View of Salesforce

CSRs use the Service Cloud view on Salesforce. The following are the two views that are available in Service Cloud that have their own pros and cons. You can use whichever view you feel most comfortable in.

Feed View

This view shows the current items going on in the case. You can easily look at the timestamps and see the notes on the case. This is where you would email the client and post an update on the case.

Details View

This view shows a little bit more technical information. It has all the information as the post section plus a case notes section.

Service View

This is the Service section of Salesforce. You can access the same information as you could in Service Cloud. The big advantage is that every link has their own unique URL unlike Service Cloud. This view is used by every other department. When communicating with the other departments, please provide them with a unique URL for the account from this view so they can easily be on the same page as you.

To change between the Service Cloud and Service views, please click either the grid of the Service button at the top right of the window. Here, you can change between the two views anytime you wish.

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