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Waddell and Reed

DO NOT recommend Google My Business to Waddell and Reed advisors. This is not approved by Waddell and Reed.  But, Google Analytics is allowed.

Waddell and Reed will officially stop access to Automark on Oct 1st.

Waddell and Reed will not approve the Disclosure until the day that the site goes live.

Waddell Waves

Themes available:

Theme 1

Name: Financial Planning "Holistic Approach"

Public ID: 360753



Theme 2

Name: Niche Market or Specific Service

Public ID: 360755



Theme 3

Name: Community

Public ID: 360756



Important Tips For non-DBAs (Doing Business As)

DBAs are like regular clients for the most part.  With Non-DBAs, please keep in mind the following: 

  • We can change the image in the header.  We update the header for them.  Please do a FCO to have this completed.
    • They should not touch
      • Header
      • Design
  • They can add sections to their homepage.
  • When they are first setting up the website.  They need to update the Philanthropy page. 
    • Some pages, they want their advisors to look over and edit.
  • During the transition from Emerald to us, they will only be charged for one website at a time.
  • Do not touch the Logo or the Disclosure.
  • Do not change the text font or textile changes.  
  • All Waddell and Reed clients are on the Developer Based Theme.
  • Non-DBAs will not have to worry about domains.  Waddell and Reed will redirect them for them.  

Custom Work

I would send it to Kristen Keith and then she can make sure compliance will approve it before we do it - and also make sure the Advisor knows that they will be charged.