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Cetera (C2C)

Who is Cetera?

Cetera is actually a Broker Dealer. One of the items exclusive to Cetera Advisors is the Connect2Client (C2C) dashboard. Sometimes this is integrated into their exisiting FMG dashboard and they can toggle between the FMG and C2C dashboard.  Sometimes they only have C2C and they do not have a website with us. 

C2C Toggle Between Dashboards

***Important Note*** The Cetera Advisor has to be on the FMG dashboard in order to have the ability to toggle between the two dashboards.  Advisor Launchpad dashboards do not have this capability.  If they are on an Advisor Launchpad platform and want C2C either get them to upgrade to an FMG package or do the workaround (See steps below).

What is C2C?

This dashboard is a way for clients to send emails, email campaigns, as well as printed greeting cards (which has a individual cost per greeting card). The unique thing is that they can do printed greeting card campaigns as well as just sending out a single greeting card.  The advisors are also not limited to just one email signature (persona).  They can add up to 5 personas for free (additional personas cost extra).  This way, a client can then send the emails from an individual or a group and the email signature would change per the persona.  In addition, they can verify their domain and have it sent from their email and not display (In Behalf of ...).  

Unique Features of C2C:

  • Printed Personalized and Campaign Greeting Cards
  • Personas (this changes the email signature and who the email or greeting card is sent from)
  • Domain Verification enables the emails to be sent from the Persona's email address and not ours saying In behalf of...
  • Cetera Content Library

Other Available Features:

  • Normal Email Campaigns and Emails
  • FMG Content Library

Their Own Small Support/Marketing Team

  • For assistance with setting up your Email & Greeting Card Tool
  • For assistance with developing a comprehensive, actionable marketing plan
  • To discuss strategies around how to effectively leverage your email & greeting card tool, social media scheduler and website

They Contact Us:

  • To sign up/set-up
    • Website
    • Social Media Scheduler
    • Video Newsletter
    • Presentations
  • Ongoing technical questions about any of the products in their C2C Marketing Portal.

How to Contact them?
Book an Appointment
Phone:  (888) 762-3777

ALP-C2C Work Around

If the client is on ALP of downgrades to ALP packages but has or wants C2C, then do the following:

  • Change the Reseller to none.  Press "Update."
  • Go to Products.  Deselect everything that their new package does not have.  Make sure C2C:Email & Greeting Cards is checked.

  • Press "Save Products"
  • You are done!

C2C Domain Verification

If you need to verify to the domain, navigate to the section in the GIF and follow those steps. It would usually be a domain case.